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GamersLair is a closed, invite only Minecraft community for serious and mature players.
We feature survival worlds where anything goes, with the exception of griefing.

If anyone is found purposely sabotaging someone else's constructs, they will get 1 warning before being disabled. We take our gameplay very seriously!

News, Updates
Welcome to GamersLair! It’s been a rough road, but we’ve finally got our servers up and running. We know everyone has been excited to join based on the Reddit and 4chan feedback posts and from feedback on Facebook as well as a few other forums. Initially we'll be sending out invites to everyone who signed up for our mailing list so we’re limiting the initial invites list to about 200, so get your spots quickly! We’re doing this invite blitz to help offset our setup and server costs. Looking forward to seeing everyone in game(s)!
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A large number of games played


A place to enjoy your time


Always growing and improving


We use PayPal for your safety